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Police & Crime Commissioner Election 5 May 2016

There are six candidates in this election which uses a supplementary vote system so you need to decide a first and second choice candidate.

The official information leaflet may be downloaded here


There are many organisations and individuals who try to prey upon the community at large and particularly the elderly and infirm. The following comments and/or article links provide background information and suggest ways to try to protect yourself.


Above is a video which shows the grief created by various scammers.

Personal caller scams (doorstepping)

We have had reports of a few attempted doorstep deceptions in the general area. Never admit anyone that you don't know if they turn up on your doorstep regardless of how plausible they may appear.
Check their identification and if unsure leave them on the doorstep, CLOSE the door and then telephone the organisation they say they represent on an independently established phone number.
Make sure that if they have called at the front door your back/side door is also locked in case they have a "friend" who might try to slip in unobserved.
If in doubt refuse entry and tell them to get their employer to arrange an appointment. If really suspicious or if they become abusive or refuse to leave call the Police on 999.

Devon & Cornwall Police have advice - click here

Telephone scams

These are many and varied and range from simple deception to highly organized attempts. Devon & Cornwall Police have advice - click here

There are many different ways that fraudsters will try to dupe you. This list is NOT comprehensive:

Internet scams.

These mainly use e-mail and rely on the recipient being fooled into taking some sort of action that will then compromise either their computer security or will attempt to obtain log in information or Bank Details. The latter is called phishing. The emails can be very convincing so beware and NEVER open any attachments to emails where you were not expecting them and DON'T click links in them as they may well appear to take you to the correct site but often they go to a SCAM site which is a replica of the one you expect to visit.

You should always ensure that you have up to date anti-virus on your computer.

Devon & Cornwall Police have advice - click here